Is your labor in vain?


Is your labor in vain?

Lord, help me to number my days that I may gain a heart of wisdom.

I began praying this prayer over my life 7 years ago. When I began to see that the times we’re living in now, is actually prophecy being fulfilled in the scriptures. The Bible tells us to look for the signs of our coming King and to ready ourselves.

Ecclesiastes 2 says that our toil can be in vain, a chasing after the wind. It is easy to find ourselves pulled in many directions but we can clearly be focused on the wrong things, at the wrong time. I became so convicted that in my own life I was focused on good things…but the wrong things. God convicted me on this as I began to pray this specific verse over my life. I had a spiritual awakening that was sobering to the call of the hour that we live. I had a complete mind shift, as to my focus, because God was leading to the right priorities spiritually.

Some of the things that God redirected me on was that I needed to become a student of his word. At that time, I knew very little about prophecy, although in the Bible we are called to know the signs of the times. I began to honor God on the Sabbath and the Lord’s Holy Days, which brought an incredible amount of understanding about the deception of which Satan has brought on the whole world. I began to evaluate the time I was spending investing in my children, I began homeschooling them. God led me by the hand into complete peace. And peace comes from God alone. I cannot speak enough about how grateful I am that God put on my heart to pray this prayer.

The things I mentioned above came with great commitment and a complete trust in God. I knew that I was being asked, “Jamie, will you really follow the Lamb wherever he goes?” These were completely out of my comfort zone, I was being called and stretched by God to deny myself in areas I had not. I was not one of the Moms who always knew she wanted to home-school. In fact, it was not a thought in my head. I began investing hours of time into study of God’s word. All of this came at a cost, but I have never looked backed. The blessings have been countless and the peace endless. When I obeyed God and his call of redirection and repentance, my intimacy with him grew.

I encourage you to begin praying this prayer consistently over your life. I can’t think of anything that would be much worse than being caught off guard and unprepared like the parable of the ten virgins. (5 being unwise). I pray that you will have the courage to ask God what in your life isn’t working according to his will. Compare your situation to the Bible, it holds the truth that will set us free, when obeyed.

Pray that God will begin to share with you what it is that you really need to know to prepare yourself spiritually for the times that we are living in.

When the King of Kings and Lord of Lords call you…go. His way is far above our ways and his thoughts above ours. Isaiah 55:9

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