Follow the Lamb


Follow the Lamb

In Revelation 14 verse 4 it reads…These are those who did not defile themselves with women, for they remain virgins. They follow the lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among Mankind and offered us first fruits to God and the Lamb. It’s important we understand scripture will interpret scripture.

I absolutely love that scripture in Revelations because it talks about a time soon to come where Jesus will purchase the first fruits among all mankind from the Earth. There is so much hidden Manna in the Bible for us to Feast on, this is actually referring to the bride of Christ.

But the question that I had to ask myself is if I was really willing to follow the lamb wherever he goes. All throughout scripture we see great men and women of the Bible being called to very challenging Crossroads. We see Jonah having to go preach to the city of Nineveh who were men known for killing. We see Moses having to go and negotiate with pharaoh to release his people. We see Esther who had to rise up and go and talk to the king even if it meant her life, to spare a nation. They were out all at Crossroads.

They were people who had to make a decision if they were willing to follow the lamb where he was leading them. All of these situations I just mentioned we’re not the easy path, these people I’m sure felt lonely, scared, they may have been looked at like they were completely crazy. One thing I can tell you for sure is if they knew that they were doing what was right. And they grew in their intimacy with God out of their obedience.

If you make Jesus the Lord of your life you will definitely be tested to die to yourself. In John 12: 24 it says very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed but if it dies, it produces many seeds. You will be called to die to yourself.

When were first learning about God were called to die to our flesh….worldliness. This may be ungodly relationships, it may be the way we dress and maybe drinking or smoking or gossiping. But as we mature ourselves as Christians people think that you stop dying.

I’ve been called in my marriage to die to my lack of faith that God would do a miracle. I’ve been called to die to my wanting praise of men, people pleasing, God has purified my heart to listen to the word of God over man. I’ve been called to die to my traditions that weren’t biblical and didn’t bring God glory. I’ve been called to lead a house Church and to homeschool. All of these things were completely outside of my comfort zone! Every single time I obeyed God, he revealed himself to me in a deeper way. My intimacy with God grew deeper.

I want to encourage you that if you feel like God is leading you or putting something on your heart to do……do it. Christ died to set us free and at times God is a leading us to places that we don’t even know were in bondage. This happened to me over and over and over. See I needed freed of the rat race of the school system’s. I needed freed of the time that I was spending driving around. My health was deteriorating with the busyness and the stress. I didn’t know it at the time but God was bringing me to a place to free me. I can say that homeschooling my children has been one of the most peaceful times of my life. I have balance, I am free to teach, inspire, have fun, spend time…. I also needed freed from pleasing men or ministers, people who I deeply respect. I needed to be able to look at the scripture and follow God regardless of what their opinion was. I came to the decision that I will stand even if I stand alone, if I know that it’s something that I see clearly in Scripture. This has made me into a strong woman if deep conviction.

I want to encourage you that in this lifetime and in our generation that we are being called as women to live in this generation because God saw something in us that could withstand this sinful world around us and be the light. He is calling us to do an amazing things, to be bold for him, that our lives do not follow the patterns of this world. Let’s be women who follow the lamb wherever he goes.

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