Never underestimate the power of Prayer! Prayer is powerful but Faithful prayer is life-changing.

In Luke 18 1 through 8 Jesus taught a parable to his disciples showing them that they should always pray and not to give up. He talked to them about a certain judge who neither feared God, nor cared what people thought. But there was a widow who continued coming to him over and over asking to please grant her justice against her adversary. He refused for some time but he thought because she continues bothering me I’m just going to grant her request. Jesus said will God not bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out to him day and night? But at the end of the parable he asked a question will he find faith on the Earth.

See there is such a big difference about praying and then praying faithfully. The definition of faith according to scripture is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see Hebrews 11.

Faithful prayer is our weapon against the enemy. He will wage war against you in this area to discourage and distract you.

So what things in your life are you really wanting to change? Is it your marriage, your health, your desire to be in a relationship? Maybe it’s your relationship with your child, or feeling like you need a sense of purpose in your life. Whatever it is, I challenge you to read Hebrews 11 and ask yourself do you have faith? Then ask yourself how much are you praying about this area of your life?

When were in a situation where there are trials or tribulation or long-suffering, our prayer life is our source of hope. Just like the widow we read about she continued asking and never gave up, because she hoped that it would change. In other words, she had faith.

You see when my marriage was as good as dead the first 7 years. I reasoned with God that he could resurrect my marriage. I believed that God, in spite of what I saw in front of me, had an amazing plan for our marriage. God did a complete Miracle in our marriage. My husband I will be celebrating our 16th anniversary this year. I have seen everything that I prayed for in a husband to be brought to full fruition.

So many people are in situations where they are in hardship. Many times in these situations hopelessness sets in. But just to remind you if you’re in one of these situations you cannot have a miracle without first having a mess. These are perfect opportunities for God to work, for you to be in awe of our Father in Heaven. These are the type of things that I would remind myself of continually in my marriage.

When you decide to faithfully be a prayer warrior in an area of your life, you have to faithfully decide to wrestle with God like Jacob did. There are many times where I went out to the beach and I made a decision and said, “God I will not leave here until my heart changes. I need you to refresh my faith, I need for you to renew my spirit. I need you to help me to see things through your eyes.” And God, faithfully every time would.

Do not hold back. Think about the best-case scenario, in your situation. I would call this my impossible prayers. Things that required me to have so much faith for them to become possible. And pray this Faithfully. Imagine what it would be like, if your situation looked like what your deepest desire of your heart is. And pray those prayers over your life. This is powerful. If you look at the Miracles of the Bible, they were no Small Miracles. These people were blind, possessed, in bondage. And God healed them, brought freedom, he changed King’s hearts on behalf of his people. He rose up people to have favor on them, and brought down armies in front of them. God will do the same in your life. He brought down the strongholds in my marriage. And he rose up the power of love and forgiveness and Redemption.

This has been one of the areas of my life that has grown me so much in my intimacy with God. There is nothing more humbling and comforting the knowing that God hears my prayers on the things that are major and minor. God has healed my marriage but he’s also found me a good parking space. God has saved the people in my life that I desperately prayed for their salvation, but he also finds my children’s Legos for them. All of these things remind me that my Saviour and my king loves me. He is here with me. I want you to know that he is there for you too, regardless of what you’re going through, I want you to know that there is hope. I pray that you can feel refreshed in your prayer life and in your faith. We serve a God where there is nothing impossible. Pray for wisdom in your situation and go out and spend time with the Lord and be determined be a persistent Widow!

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