Can you hear God’s Whisper?


Can you hear God’s Whisper?

Therefore I’m going to Allure her I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her.

When I first read the scripture I could feel my heart totally melt. I thought how amazing would it be for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to Allure me and to speak tenderly to me.

Life holds so many pressures, with rushing around and busyness there are so many misunderstandings. We are faced with trying to be spiritual in an ever-increasing sinful world. At times I have found myself to feel very lonely as I am seeking God.

Later in the scripture and verse 16 it says “ In that day,” declares the Lord “ you will call me my husband you will no longer call me my master.”

This is speaking of a time when Israel has been punished and prophesy of a time when they will be restored. This relates specifically to our lives. God is seeking his bride for his son. I will be teaching more about the parallels of the Hebrew wedding, to the coming of Christ and in later videos. It’s absolutely fascinating that this is truly what God wants to do with us is to Allure us and to speak tenderly to our hearts and come into an intimate relationship with us.

At times the busyness of serving him can become a barrier to personally knowing him. This is something I personally have had to be purified of.

I encourage you to take time this week to spend time with the Lord. You’re having a hard time it with your intimacy with God listen to the video series and bible study that I have on this. I pray that this will bless you and give you food for thought.

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