Our Homeschool

Our homeschool is called Higher Learning Prep Academy. I began homeschooling when Jaedyn was in the middle of 4th grade and Maddox was in junior kindergarten. People often ask what made you decide to homeschool.

God started laying this on my heart as I would bring Jaedyn home from school and she would have hours of studying, go to her practice for soccer, come home, eat dinner, go to bed have to wake up early to finish homework. I began to ask myself how is it that I’m ever supposed to teach my daughter about God, spend time with her and walk and talk to her. Teach the word like the Bible calls us to do as mothers.

Then he allowed my husband and I to visit a church that had many homeschoolers. I loved the sweet Spirit of these children. I could see the innocence that they had and I immediately was drawn to it. These women called me higher in their faith and obedience and their embracing motherhood the way I wanted to. At this time I began learning about the Sabbath and holy days also. I was imagining having to pull my children out on the Holydays of which God calls the Sabbath Day’s rest, and how this would work.

I began thinking, how is it that I’m sending my children to be schooled by people for 8 hours a day and I’m left with only one hour with them in the evening.

It was one night that I was sleeping that I felt God’s Spirit wake me up and just send me a clear message through my thoughts that I needed to pull the kids. It was that winter break a week later that I did pull them. I never looked back.

Nothing in my life has been more peaceful than to homeschool. Stay with me for a moment I know that this is strange. I never dreamt of being a teacher, homeschooling my kids. They were in preschool and in a private Christian School. But waking up with your children not having to rush out the door, allowing God’s spirit to lead your day. Having times to disciple your children’s heart when the opportunity is there. Walking and talking with them and doing life with them is absolutely amazing.

I thank God everyday for the relationship that I have with them, which has been strengthened through homeschooling. Not every day is a walk in the park, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my days and prayers with my door locked and with tears rolling down my face. I’ve had to apologize many times. I’ve wondered at times if my son was learning anything. If he wanted to learn anything. Or if he would ever have the motivation to learn anything.

But through persistence and Trust in God’s leading and me following I have seen the fruit. He actually just asked me a week ago,”Mom can I practice my cursive?” After getting back up off the floor I thought to myself wow, God thank you so much for showing me the fruit of my labor. My nine-year-old son, on his own, wants to practice cursive. What an incredible blessing. I want to encourage you, that if this is something that God has put on your heart, there is so much support, information and tools to help you be successful. And most of all God is powerful, he is capable and fully able to lead you and guide you. Our children need nothing more in this life than to first know his word, live by his word and then knowledge will come. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.