Our Children

Our two children Maddox and Jaedyn bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. I wouldn’t say there’s anything that brings life into your house like children do. I love how they are so different and getting to grow with them, as they get to know themselves, bring such Joy.

My daughter has a very stable, a little more serious demeanor. She of course takes after me and can laughter at the most unopertune times. Sometimes I think this must be payback for how many times I would be laughing as a little girl, and get those “mother eyes” from my mom. I sometimes pinch myself like, is this my daughter cooking us a steak dinner with sides! She is ultra responsible far more than I was when I was a kid. She is a great cook, loves playing club soccer and friendships. Jaedyn has always had a heart that wants to do the right thing. She is a young woman with the convictions and willing to stand alone if needed. She has developed a company called Jaedyn’s Corner where she is able to share her convictions as a teenager to help younger children to stand for God.

She goes to the same struggles of any other teenager but I truly believe that homeschooling has protected her so much from the world and the negativity that goes along with the peer pressure. She is so beautiful on the inside and the outside. She has embraced being different, being biracial and knowing that God created her perfectly the way he wanted her to be. I believe that she has a powerful gift help other girls with the same struggle. I feel so grateful by our relationship.

Maddox, he will have you laughing within the first 5 minutes you meet him he is my little boy who is 100% boy. His imagination is one of the best I have ever seen in my life. He can do more things with Legos dinosaurs and Batman than I could have ever dreamt imaginable. I love his tender heart and tender conscience. He is always prompt at bedtime to reconcile if there’s anything on his heart he needs to get it resolved. He’s always the first one to tell on himself when he does something wrong. (someday’s it would seem like taxi cab confession in my car) And the first one to confess even his thoughts if they’re bothering him and know that they offend God. He is tenacious and persistent, we have talks daily about boundaries. About bursting into his sister’s room, knocking on the neighbor’s door 10 times a day to see if they can play, and a boundary to just call Mom one time and I’ll call you back you don’t have to call back 20. Hands down will be one of the best salesman this world has ever seen! Prayerfully using it to powerfully persuade people to follow Christ one day! He is adorably cute. He is unquestionably his sister’s biggest fan she is his best friend and he is very protective of her. I’m so thankful that they are so close.