My Story

I’m a Midwest girl who is passionate about my love for God! My Struggles-Keeping it real – So transparent… so hard, so humbling but oh so freeing! At the lake where I go every morning to spend time with God, I was in prayer and reflecting. During that time I was flooded with all the sin and hardship that I have overcome. A fire rose up in my heart at that time and I saw this incredible spiritual battle. That the enemy has tried to take me out, shut me up, and rob me of everything that God wants for my life. At that time I made the decision that I would systematically go through my life and use my gift of gab, coupled with truth and conviction to speak of the victory and the power of God in my life. So I want to be an open book, it is through my weakness that I am made strong. Many of my studies series and speaking topics are about these.

Although I was taught better growing up, I began to make choices in my life that etched away at my innocence and conscience. I can honestly say that for so long my guilty conscious weighed my down so heavy, at times I could hardly breathe. I thank God everyday that my Mother and Father taught me about God and that Jesus died for me. I always had an awareness that God was with me, and that I would answer to him one day as to how I was living my life. I thank God for the uneasiness he allowed me to feel during this time. I was truly lost and tried to fill this void with relationships that only brought me lower and chipped away at the value I had for myself. My desperate cry to God was heard, I longed for forgiveness and to be free. Free of being a slave to my sin.

I Share with young women about the blessing of dating and courting God’s way. The hardship that comes with being unequally yoked, impurity and immorality.

I Share with Married women who are fighting for their marriage the importance of boundaries, God’s way. Holding on and knowing the truth. Becoming a prayer warrior and faithful force for your marriage.

I Share with Women struggling with long suffering in life, with finances, relationships, health etc. the power of steadfast faith, allowing yourself to feel, mourn, process and embracing this season in your life.

I Share with women to take back everything that Satan has tried to rob them of and use it for the Glory of God. To rise up to be the Women that God has called us to be in this Generation. My deepest desire is to lead Women to the only source of strength and fulfillment…to be Intimately Known by God.