My Husband

To be married to this man over the last 16 years I considered one of the greatest blessings of my life. I remember praying specifically when I was single that God would give me a man that would lead me spiritually. Stephen and I met in the singles Ministry we became great friends we dated for 3 months, were engaged for 3 months and married. Our marriage has seen the good, The Bad and the Ugly that shouldn’t even be seen. The first seven years of our lives together, we would both agree were hell on Earth.

Our love story is one of God’s Redemption forgiveness, restoration. Our story is about freedom from strongholds, sin, wrapped up with…. a complete miracle from God.

We have wrestled with scriptures, come out of spiritual slumber, and made a decision to follow the lamb wherever he goes.

Being entrepreneurs we live our lives in complete faith of God’s provision. We’ve lost houses. cars, credit and so much more. But we have never not for one minute, one day or one year, ever lost God’s complete provision for taking care of us in every way. Through it we’ve gained faith, mercy, blessing and humility.

We have both had great health, we’ve both had poor health at times we’ve been hospitalized many times. We’ve had to wrestle with death at our doorstep. And trust God through the circumstances.

We’ve been persecuted by our spiritual family for holding true to the word in areas that they did not understand. We’ve been tested many times to see if we are willing to follow God or to follow man.

We have learned the secret to being content in all circumstances. This is an incredible blessing from God.

We would never take away from the hardships that we have went through, it is made us into the people that we are today. God has matured us, we are seasoned in life and we want to pour out every blessing, every amount of knowledge and wisdom that we’ve gained through our years of suffering into other people, that our story may give them hope.