My Everyday Life

So each morning I wake up before my children and I go to the lake near my house. With my small iced coffee and my reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich. And I have time with the Lord. Sometimes I am crying out in prayer, other times I’m worshipping, sometimes I’m laughing, sometimes I’m just meditating. I have done this consistently for as long as I can remember being a disciple. I also talked to my mom every morning, she is my best friend. I love her and we figure out the world together 15 minutes of every day.

I homeschool my kids usually until about one o’clock. And then I work on my Ministry, or should I say try to work on my Ministry. I find that this is the area that the enemy tries to attack me the most. This has been a battle for me and I have recently been more engaged in the battle to protect this time. After dinner I’m usually gone in the evenings with one of the children for their practices, that my husband and I take turns doing. My husband and I try to work on our ministry together, Saved by Truth. We have a house church that we love. We are blessed to have my mother-in-law living with us. She is such a sweet lady and she is always willing to lend a helping hand. My children love her to pieces. We have a sweet Cavalier King Charles dog named sir Wellington. We call him Wells for short. He takes up much of our cuddle time and I think that we tell him he’s adorable at least 100 times a day. Our weeks are usually filled with family, friends, coop and on the weekends soccer and basketball.

At our dinner table one of the funnest things that we do is called highs and lows. This is where we each go around and share our high point of the day and our low point. You never have to have a low but always a high. Sometimes I sit there and we’re laughing so loud I think that we must absolutely have Italian in our blood somewhere. Other times home is quiet as a church mouse and other times I escape to my office, my car, in order to have a moment of quietness.

We live in a little neighborhood with many eucalyptus trees. It’s my little escape but I feel in a different state when I come home. We are blessed by the sweetest neighbors in the whole world, some of them are my children’s ages. At this point God has planted us on such Pleasant grounds in sunny Southern California. I’ve lived out here since I was 22. My husband have lived here our entire marriage.

I love the saying that: we may not have it all together but together we have it all. That exemplifies my life with these people. This is my tribe, these are my crazies, this is my circus!