Intimately Known By God

This ministry…. brewing in my heart has captivated my thoughts and heart for so long. Anyone who truly knows me has heard about it and one way or another.

I chose this picture because it literally embraces so many of the thoughts I’ve had so many times. For one, the suitcase represents the notebooks that I have that literally could fill the entire suitcase. I’ve written Bible studies through all the ups and downs that I’ve had in my life.

Secondly, the picture represents how many times that I felt like walking away from what God put on my heart. And have actually praying father if this is never going to happen please take this from my heart. I felt like this was something that seemed unattainable at times. I’ve had to wait for God’s timing for this to come into fruition. His timing just happened to be 14 years after mine. I’m so thankful, because he is always on time. God has matured me and taught me,rebuked me, corrected me, humbled me and again Raised me up. I’ve learned so many things about following God over man. About staying true to the word of God, and following the Holy Spirit wherever he leads me whether people understand it or they don’t.

I believe the times we are tested with everything in our life to see if we’re willing to give it up to follow God. I don’t believe that God requires us to but I do believe at times he tests us, just as he did the great men and women of the Bible.

So many times I felt like my life had been in shambles, and I realized how hard the enemy was opposing me to get me to shut up, to never talk, or have a confidence and the courage to speak up and speak forth.

I was in the car one day and listen to a message that spoke about David and how he was dancing for the king and he said I will become even more undignified than this. That raised up a fire in me. That I would go forth and speak systematically about every single thing that this devil tried to rob me of and I will take the plunder and Advance the word of God and the hope and people’s lives with each one of my victories in the Lord.

We worship the one true God, the creator of the universe, the king of kings and Lord of lords. He is the Alpha and the Omega, yet he comes down and meet us where we’re at, to take us where he wants us to be. He wants to take us into the Wilderness and speak tenderly and a allure us with his tender kindness and mercies. He wants to give us a calling that is greater than anything we could ever imagine and will humble us to our knees.

He is a longing for a bride who will prepare herself, mature herself and purify herself. I am honored and humbled to call him my God, my father, my king, my provider, and my bride groom.

I will go to bed praising him, rise up speaking to him and walk about my day with him. Father in Heaven this is not my Ministry, it is yours. It is for you, in you and through you that any of these words will ring true on the hearts of women. Here I Am Lord send me.