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About Me

“God will give your next direction, after you obey his last instruction”
Jamie Gregg

A snapshot to get to know Jamie:

We all have a story…and this is mine. I’m a Midwest girl by heart and birth, but absolutely LOVE the sunshine and beach in Southern CA. It has been my home the past 22 years. It was in 1994, I was stationed here while in the Marine Corp, that is when my desperate call for God began. I truly became his on May 17th 1996 and was baptized in the Pacific Ocean. I met my husband in the singles ministry and married the love of my life in 2001. We have 2 children together Jaedyn and Maddox. God called me 4 years ago to home school my children, it is one of the finest blessings he has given to me. Sounds so perfect right? So many “to the GLORY of GOD” details to fill in! I will share more!

I knew that one day I would be sharing with women, the amazing love of God, his power, his miracles… But I had no idea the path he would take me down to purify and prepare me. My sharing is from a road that I have walked and continue to walk. It is transparent and authentic.
I have been told often that my laughter is contagious, seriously laughter is a must! This life can difficult and painful, but I pray that I can bring a fresh perspective and renewed Boldness to live this short time we have unswervingly for HIM.